Ud Af Tusind’ debut album by Zilla Raun (vocals, keyboards) and Tomas K (vocals, electric guitar, looping).

The duo set up dogmas for the process of writing and recording a collection of songs that would set the tone for Ud Af Tusind. The rule was that only music, that could be performed and/or sung by the two performing musicians live was allowed on the EP.

This meant that only overdubs that could be played  or via small samplers live could be featured on the recorded tracks. Countless ideas and tracks was edited out during the writing and recording process.

What started as a small jam even before we talked about starting a band became the basis for the track “Bløddyr” (soft animals/ soft toy doll). 

The 7 songs in Danish was written collaborately between Zilla and Tomas following the feelings of decline from former bands and lovers. 

“Starting off with the guitar-line for “Bløddyr” we hit sonic ground that resonated in both of us. These small-band duo recordings was recorded using minimal gear and maximal amounts of hope and dreams. We were learning to record as well as getting to know each other at the same time. Zilla pushed my boundaries as a singer and we cave it all we had. Best, Tomas”

 01  Bløddyr
 02  Varsom Lyd 
 03  For Evigt
 04  Vin 
 05  Under Samme Himmel
 06  Det Bedste Det Værste
 07  Nervøs Velour 

format: Digital
release date: June 3, 2012
label: Fiolstraade Records
listen/buy: Streaming Service