High School punk-rock 2001 from down town Odense, Funen, Denmark. Initially The New Now consisted of Tomas K on vocals guitar, Christian Hedegaard on drums and Jacob Taarnhoj on bass. At age 17 the lyrics and playing are a bit rudimentary to say the least, but the energy and feelings that we could take over the world fueled by the breakout of The Strokes in the US and Franz Ferdinand in the UK are prominent on these collegeband recording. We rehearsed in the basement of Jacob’s dads garage. It doesn’t get more punk than that. Only Christian was old enough to have a drivers license so most of the time it two bussed and about 65 minutes to get even get to rehearsal space. 

When we had a small collection of songs ready we set up to record them. This was in the days before home studios and consumer audio interfaces. The only was to record as a band was still through the commercial studios. We booked two days (all we could affort) in the best studio in Odense, the later defunct Neverland Studios. We couldn’t affort Studio A, so we were set up in Studio B with minimal isolation between instruments and played as hard and as fast as we thought possible – still maintaining a bit of an Oasis/The Beatles melodic mentality.

“Some of my best memories of being a young man are related to being in a band and dreaming of world domination and playing in loud stadiums with my friends. The New Now had all those dreams very prominent and I am grateful these “photo albums” of songs have been kept. I still wake up with that dream each day! Best, Tomas”

 01  Fucking Moped
 02  Supersnuff
 03  On My Brain
 04  Whore Royal
 05  Evelyn

format: none
release date: November 20, 2001
label: Jamok Records
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