SINGLES IN 2019-2020

The moniker Megatomas came about after a year of writing and rehearsing almost an album worth of rock song in a duo group with long time collaborator, drummer Christian Aebischer. We both felt that it was time for an rock outlet and found the duo format, guitar and drums plus vocals, very interesting. 10 songs was completed but the initial recording of the songs did not meet expectations. In the outline of those recording Tomas K tried to record some home demos of a new song in a totally different sonic environment than the duo band. That demo began to circulate amoung friends and fueled a change in mindset towards another direction musically. 

The duo set out on another quest for a more pop-folky sound based on modern production techniques rather than rock band ethics.

The first single “Og Så Videre” was co-produced with Christian Aebischer who also made the official music video. The following singles was co-written/co-produced with both Christian and expert composer Johan Granberg and masterful cellist and composer Josefine Opsahl. One song i based around a special cello-like guitartuning stolen partly from Thurston Moore. All songs was recorded and mixed by Tomas K.

“It was such a relief following some challenging months of doubt to just record a demo in the most intuitive way that just served the song – rather than to try and covert pop-songs into the duo rock format we were working on. Those demoes just into elaborate songs before we knew it. Best, Tomas”

 01  Og Så Videre
 02  Uden Dig
 03  Er Julemanden Ond?
 04  Evigheder
 05  These Days Darkness Falls
 06  It’s Friday Someday

format: Digital
release date: June 2019 – April 2020
label: Jamok Records
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