Tall Windows is the debut album by guitarist and producer, Tomas Kærup, from Copenhagen, Denmark. Formerly a producer, and singer-songwriter in various groups he is now artistically stepping on new ground as a solo instrumental artist.

Danish master painters from around the end of 18th century until beginning of the 19th, especially Hammershoi and J.F. Willumsen, laid the inspiration for the music – and the album title.
The album runs 37 minutes and presents Kærup’s almost silent melodic ambient sensibilities as well as his background in punk rock and noise. The three preludes, also the first of the album tracks written, combines both worlds: the quiet transcending melodic motifs and the powerful distorted sonic soundscapes. Constantly floating, evolving and transposing between sounds and vibrant motifs the music is both dreamy and seductive -instrumental ambience soundscapes and distorted bliss. Lightness, darkness, hope and despair.
The nine tracks on Tall Windows are written for electric guitar and analog electronics, and a computer based sound system.

The album was recorded and mixed at Farsifar First Floor Studios in Copenhagen by Tomas Kærup, and mastered by Peter Brander at Media Sound Studios, Copenhagen.

Album cover by Anders Thorborg.

Cosmopol Music Group is a Danish music label with an international outreach featuring works by reknowned artists as Carsten Bo Eriksen, Josefine Opsahl and Ejnar Kanding.

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