Following the experiences with the duo concept from the first EP, Ud Af Tusind, set out to rework some of the songs from the first EP into a new more folk-pop orientated style – to suit the new songs and style. The former dogmas was left in favour of a full band effort. Peter Brander (producer/bass) and Jacob Chano (drums) was brought along for the recording all of which was live on floor band recordings, one again at MediaSound Studios in Copenhagen. Expert-engineer Anders Overgaard was co-producer.

The first track “Tænd Lyset” features a slick sing-a-long melodic choir hook in the chorus emphasizing the uplifting lyrics, turn on the light. Instruments are mixed with processed drums for a more contemporary sound. 

Other tracks feature almost nothing but piano and showcase Zilla’s ability for very intimate vocal performances like no other. For the track “Varsom Lyd” we copied the first guitarsolo from the debut EP version of that song. The feel from that first-take and one-take performance could not be matched in the re-recording. So the new recordings had to played along to the guitar-solo, which was recorded live without metronome – which was pretty hard to do.

The track “Ufo” features a guitarline that goes through the hole song almost unaltered, but brought to the attenting and slighty warped by the changing piano basslines.

“Some of songs are probably the most pop I’ve ever been – with tight band pop structures and hooks. Produced along with Peter Brander we managed to keep an edge that I’m proud off in the field of americana based folk-pop. Best, Tomas”

 01  Tænd Lyset
 02  Ikke Mer’
 03  Ufo
 04  Varsom Lyd
 05  For Evigt
 06  Vin
 07  Nervøs Velour
 08  Det Bedste Det Værste
 09  At Finde Vej
 10  Bløddyr

format: CD, Digital
release date: August 11, 2016
label: Fiolstraade Records
listen/buy: Streaming Service.