Mohawk consisted of Christian Aebischer on drums, Frederik Sander on bass, Pernille Kilmister Houlby on vocals, with Tomas K as the main writer and producer.

Released to great critical aclaim the bands only album “Fight!” hit the streets in January of 2010.

Mohawk drew it’s inspiration from metal and stoner heavy rock bands as Tool and Kyuss, and mixed the proc-rock elements of Pink Floyd with filmic scenery in a collective hard hitting rock outfit.

The album was mixed along with legendary producer and mixer Peter Brander at Mediasound, where Tomas K first sat his feet at a professional recording studio in 2006. As and engineer in spe Peter taught him everything on microphoner technique and knowledge on how to capture the right performance.

“When The New Now depleted and we moved from Aarhus to Copenhagen, Christian and I had a clear vision, that we needed to move forward and connect on that energy the recordings in Aarhus had left behind, but at the same time we were searching for a heavier and more elaborate sound – than our punk fueled prior project. Frederik was requited and along came a thunderous bass-distorted sound that fit very well with what we had in mind. It was clear that my voice was not suited for this kind of music, and we were seeking to try something else. Thats when Pernille came in. Her delightfully twisted mind finished almost all the lyrics for the songs.

The first riff I wrote and to set the new band off was “Walls Are Trembling” and “When It Awakes“. Everyone pitched in ideas to sculp the sound.

We spent almost 10 months in the our own purposely built small studio writing, rehearsing and recording want would later become the first and only album of Mohawk

Following shortly after the release and a select handful of shows the band was done due to exhaustion. It was not until 2016 I found the master recordings and the album was re-released digitally. Hope you enjoy listening to it too. Best, Tomas”

 01  Artemisia
 02  Kill It
 03  Instrumental
 04  Walls Are Trembling
 05  My Inner Psychopath
 06  When It Awakes
 07  Your Meat Is Mine
 08  Perversions Unfiltered
 09  Fight!

format: CD, Digital
release date: January 17, 2010
label: Jamok Records
listen/buy: Streaming Service.